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About Symbaloo:

Symbaloo started as a visual bookmarking tool in 2007, meant to be the homepage which simplifies internet navigation. 10 Million internet users have installed Symbaloo as their homepage in their browser. Besides many consumers, Symbaloo has become rapidly popular in the education industry. 8 years of development made Symbaloo a state-of-the art product which is multi-device with native apps, offers an API, can offer white label versions to companies etc.

Symbaloo has won several awards for the concept. We have offices in Delft (Netherlands) and Costa Mesa (United States). Symbaloo is one of the fastest growing Dutch internet companies.

In 2014 we introduced Wallpaper advertising. With 300 million+ impressions per month we have a major new opportunity to monetize our userbase. This will be the main challenge for this position.

Wallpaper Sales director at Symbaloo:

As Wallpaper Sales director you are responsible for the total earnings of the Wallpapers on a global level.

You have a minimum of 5 years experience in sales or business development in the online advertising environment. You have a broad network in this field and know the key players. You have experience with top 100 advertisers and the major agencies. You are an excelent communicator who is able to interact with CMO’s, CEO’s and close 6-figure deals in complex situations.

Your playingfield will not be limited to The Netherlands since less than 10% of the impressions is in our home country.

What else is important?

  • Have a Bachelor- or Master degree in a relevant field
  • Passionated about marketing, sales and media
  • Fluent in English (reading, writing, talking, listening)
  • Having a drivers license

Last but not least you understand the balance between serving the advertiser and keep our service friendly for our users.

What to expect from Symbaloo?

Symbaloo is not a traditional company with an established product, we are constantly innovating which leads to new business opportunities all the time. Your new colleagues love innovations and trends in the market, so it’s nearly impossible to not be up to date all the time.

We prefer openness and transparency over bureaucracy (who doesn’t?). We know the sky is the limit and we enjoy the ride and the challenges on our way.

What else you probably want to know:

  • Our office is based in the old centre of beautiful Delft (1 minute walk from the central market)
  • We are competitive people and love to play some Foosball, computer games or darts after lunch
  • Mac or pc lover? You choose your own device to work on
  • A good salary and a great bonus structure

Our Future plans

We are always trying to innovate, listen to our users and combine this with our own vision.

Currently we are working on a new innovation which is called “Lesson Plans”. It’s a new platform for education in which teachers can create digital lessons. The approach is very visual and in the future we will add exciting stuff like learn analytics, differentiated learning and adaptivity. This is all built in the latest web technologies and it will be ready for millions of new users.

Are you interested, please contact us:

Contactperson : Sander Vessies
Telephone : +31 (0)15 212 9006
E-mailadress :

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