Entry/Junior Level Startup Marketing Position

Who we are:

Symbaloo.com is a social bookmarking tool and content aggregator with a big focus on education. We are internationally active with offices in Delft (The Netherlands) and Costa Mesa (Orange County, United States). Our mission is to improve Internet navigation and create innovative solutions for education and businesses. With over 7 million users, Symbaloo is becoming a leading player in education. Access to the best online resources on all devices is our main focus! At this moment, thousands of schools use Symbaloo. Big companies and organisations such as the state of New York and the Australian Hunter TAFE also understand the added value of Symbaloo and use our tool as well.

Symbaloo is free for individual users. For schools and companies there are tailor-made packages.

The US marketing department is engaged in Social Media, Content, SEO, Email, Co-Marketing and many other creative forms of marketing like throwing karaoke parties for teachers, to attract new visitors and turn them into users and fans & keep the loyal Symbaloo users happy.

Symbaloo is looking for a Junior that hates to be a Junior

We don’t think in the terms junior or senior. We think in projects and responsibility. You will work in a small team but a fast paced environment. Everything is project based and the entire team contributes. That comes with a lot of freedom but also a lot of responsibility. Are you ready to take on some seriously fun work instead of just collecting a paycheck? If the answer is Yes, please apply.

Personality over Skills

At Symbaloo, having the right people on board is critical. You have to be a team player that’s not afraid of taking charge and at the same time, an ambitious self starter that gets stuff done by yourself. We can help you develop the skills you don’t have, but we can’t change your attitude. Are you motivated, committed to your work and want to grow within a startup environment? If the answer is Yes, please apply.

Work hard, play hard

Yes we have a foosball table and a pinball machine in our office. You work in a flexible setting and don’t have to wear a suit and tie. But we want you to experience the real fun and freedom of your work. Challenges change weekly. One week you might work on an email campaign, the next week you are planning a Karaoke Party for educators. Are you the kind of person that is up for the challenge? If the answer is Yes, please apply.

What else?

Besides a solid foosball game, what else are we looking for? Our ideal candidate answered all three questions above with Yes, is tech & online marketing savvy, an avid user of social networking tools, understand the importance of new media and knows a thing or two about project management. Some of the obvious attributes we need you to have: ambitious, creative, reliable, organized, detail oriented, quick learner.

Additional skills/expertise we are looking for. The more you can check off, the better. But none of them are a must: Content Creation, Blogging, Project Management, SEO/SEM, Affiliate Marketing, Analytics, Social Media Strategy, PR, Event Planning, Photoshop, Customer Service, HTML, WordPress, Video Editing, Email Marketing, Sales, Communications.

Tips on how to get an interview:

Check out Symbaloo and let us know what you think. And don’t be polite, we want feedback not praise. Send us links to your social media profiles and include prior experience in relevant fields with links, examples, outcome, your role, etc. Using words such as expert, guru, rockstar or ninja may lead to automatic disqualification. Be yourself. To see if you are still reading and serious about your application, here is a tip: Applications that include a webmix will be highly considered! What is a webmix you wonder? Create a profile and find out here: www.symbaloo.com
Job is based in Costa Mesa, CA and onsite.