Symbaloo’s mission

Chapter #1

When we founded Symbaloo in 2017 we believed that internet navigation should be easier. People are born with the ability to recognize, whereas reading requires lots of practice. Therefore, we are convinced that visual navigation is much more delightful to the mind.

After the launch we quickly build up a user base in the Netherlands and some countries in Europe. The need for a personal startpage was there and our numbers where growing.

During those 2 years we also noticed a growing user base in education. We saw many teachers creating accounts and using Symbaloo to share content with their student. Education was excited about Symbaloo and we were excited about education! This lead to the opening of a second office in the US and the beginning of Chapter #2

Chapter #2

We feel blessed that Symbaloo is frequently used in education. The web has so many valuable educational resources, but these are barely organized. Nowadays it’s nearly impossible for anyone to use the power of the web to its fullest extend.

We believe that technology will change education tremendously, just like how technology has changed many other industries. In the past years we launched some products to support the educational market

Symbaloo PRO

This is everything that our users love about Symbaloo optimized for working in groups. Symbaloo PRO can be used in a classroom, school or district to improve the collecting, organizing and sharing of online resources. Currently we have over 100.000 shared Webmixes of content available in our public gallery.


With the Lesson Plans platform, which is released in the second quarter of 2016, we empower teachers and schools to create and share better lesson plans than those that the traditional publishers used to sell. Cheaper, better, faster and exponentially scalable.

We believe that the educational market will move more towards personalized lessons for each student. The Lessonplans are our first step towards personalized learning

More information about the Lesson Plans can be found here.

Symbaloo Workspaces

Symbaloo workspaces are being launched in the summer of 2018. We upgraded the Symbaloo PRO version with this features to give our teachers more power. They can create groups to get specific content to their students and they can work together on a webmix in Real-Time. Combined with this launch we are ready to share our mission to the world.

Our Mission

The right content, at the right place, at the right time, for the right student

Join us on our mission and apply to become part of this amazing journey!